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Dupehunter Professional is a fast and accurate duplicate file finding tool
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Getting rid of useless duplicate files is one of the simplest ways of getting back some free disk space. But before you can get rid of them, you have to find them first. Manually locating the duplicate files is quite difficult, if not impossible, but programs like this one make this job simple and easy.

File names are not taken into consideration when this tool scans for duplicate files. Dupehunter Professional will identify the duplicate files based on much more complex algorithms than just the mere file names, such as calculating and comparing hash values of various types (128 bit MD5 and 106 bit SHA-1) or binary comparisons. I think this aspect is the first thing that proves that this tool is a professional one, also created especially for professional people. The next thing that proves this matter is the large number of search criteria that can be configured according to the users’ wishes. You can filter the search by file types and formats, by file attributes, sizes, dates, and more. Furthermore, you can choose the type of the search engine between the one based on wildcards and the one that uses regular expressions.

Last but not least, I have no other choice but to praise the impressive speed of Dupehunter Professional’s search engine. The post-scanning reporting and exporting options are very comprehensive and they also deserve a big thumbs-up.

Though it’s a great tool that comes with a lot of advantages, I can’t omit the fact that this tool looks more oriented towards professionals and less towards the average users. Even if the interface comes with a wizard-like approach, there are still too many intricate parts and complicated settings that definitely need additional guidance and explanations. It’s a great tool that works flawlessly, but mastering it might take a while.

Rory Shaffer
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  • Offers a lot of search filtering criteria
  • Will locate the duplicates thanks to complex algorithms
  • Wizard-like interface


  • Comes with many intricate settings that are insufficiently explained
  • The help system is available only online
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